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Free hymn arrangements for local churches!Free, simple, easy, and effective hymn arrangements for local churches: old/traditional tunes, new tunes, and christmas carols. Lead sheets, guitar chords/charts, and audio demo samples for the modern, contemporary style church band.

Are you keen for your church to sing more hymns, ... but they never seem to go that well?

Do you lack time or the knowledge to make arrangements that work?

Are you a guitarist or drummer who isn't sure how to play hymns?

Do you know that hymns contain great words, ... but you just don't understand them all?

Then this website is designed to be a very practical help for you!!!

On this website, among other things, you'll find:

Old Tunes Old, classic, traditional hymn tunes in simple but effective arrangements that can easily be used by todays modern, contemporary style church band.  There are also demo recordings to give you a good idea of how it could sound.
New Tunes New tunes to the old hymn words
Christmas Carols Christmas carols, also in simple but effective arrangements for todays church band ... coming soon!

It is my hope and prayer that using these arrangements will help you and your local church to see that God has been at work saving people for His glory for many years!

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